This is how our story begins
If words were absent, the whole history of the world could have been written with the flavors and aromas of herbs. Because, from the very first moments of human life, herbs have defined every moment of our daily life, considering ancient medicine and worship ritual, trade and even literature.

ΑFrom the moment their roots are tied to the soil, till the ritual of handpicking the useful part of the plant, herbs are associated with a universal philosophy related to the values of Nature. And then, this philosophy is “translated” into the terms of our world. It is precisely this transition that gives substance and meaning to the herb and tea’s history throughout the centuries. Whatever their use, herbs unify with their existence Nature and human beings.

And these are the exact foundations of our love for the herbs. Beyond the thorough studies in botany, this direct connection with every aspect of human daily life, and their unbreakable bond that runs through human history, has led us to seek the purest way that can once again convey the beneficial properties of the herbs in our modern lifestyle.

Our life is directly connected with the earth, with the soil, with its fruits, from the very first steps of consciousness in the history of our existence as humanity. Earth was, is and will always be the source of our daily goods, since it is the dominant ingredient from which all the elements of our survival and well-being derive. These are the components of our own philosophy, from latin terms of Vita, meaning life, and Terra, meaning earth, through the aspect of our well-being.

Vitera’s eshop was created to offer the authentic quality of fine, natural herbs, coming from controlled and specialized cultivations. Our main care is to remove any possible intermediate industrial processing of the tea products and to offer through knowledge the authentic properties of each herb.

For this reason, we follow the “routes” of beneficial herbs, historically and geographically. Starting from the source of everything, in the heart of Indian land and philosophy, we travel to every corner of the world, choosing the most authentic cultivations of organic herbs. This way we ensure that, through the most original and pure process, they will reach their final form and will be shaped, through their precise blends, into a final product purely dedicated to the consumer.
Vitera was created by the coordination of two ways of thought. One derives for Economical Studies and the other from Psychology; but, they found themselves in the same direction that leads to the approach of alternative therapies, through the pure and precious ingredients provided by Nature. This coordination of thoughts took place in the same context: On the one hand it was for the know-how and on the other the deepening in the botanical and philosophical approach of the Indian Ayurveda.

Through this, we defined as our starting point the herbs of India. With their purity and varied applications, they won us over from a very early stage and made us not only to get to know them through a scientific perspective, but also to love them, wanting to deliver all their characteristics and properties to everyday life.

The next steps of our search know no geographical restrictions. From every part of the world, a wide variety of herbs constitute sources of unique benefits defined by philosophy, tradition and alternative medicine. It is our purpose to follow these sources and provide unique tea products, with specialized applications and healing properties, aiming to improve your quality of life. This is a way of life for us, and Vitera is the way to share it with you!

This is our story,
Christina and Maria